Our Story


To take the essence of hockey, the freedom of the ice, and the memories with our teammates and put that all into a brand that lives and breathes the hockey lifestyle on and off the ice. Our goal is to help grow the sport of hockey around the world through our quality apparel. We feel lucky to be a part of it and that we are able to contribute to it every day. GONGSHOW is Built in the Locker room.


In late 2002, three team mates from the central junior "A" hockey league celebrated a big win at a local Ottawa pub called Father and Sons. A few cold ones later, and inspired by the distinct lifestyle hockey players lived, they had the idea to make some buckets with GONGSHOW hockey stitched on the front for their hockey buddies to rock around town. Quickly, word began to spread through a tight hockey circle about a brand that accurately represented what hockey players were all about and what they wanted to wear. Teamed up with roster of players all around the world united through their love and passion for the hockey lifestyle that they lived, the brand is now sold in over 500 retail stores and internationally in over 15 countries.



#BeautyService powers us passed competition and helps explode our sales with amazing service and quick shipping. We know we don’t always get every order perfect, but how we handle the problems sets our #BeautyService way ahead of the pack. We feel the only way the GONGSHOW brand exists is with our customer’s loyalty and support. We invest in a lot of resources to research the best quality fabrics, styles, details, and fits to ensure customers are always happy with the quality of our products.